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7 Signs You Need to Repaint Interior Walls

Keeping the walls inside your home in good shape requires knowing when they need new paint. Here are signs you need to repaint interior walls.

Your home is one of your biggest investments. You've spent a lot of money on the purchase of it and on its upkeep. Although you regularly conduct routine HVAC maintenance, electrical system checks, and more, when's the last time you chose to repaint interior walls?

Repainting the interior walls might not always be a necessity or a part of your routine maintenance checklist, but it is something you want to do every so often. With dingy or dull interior walls, your home can seem out of date or even dirty at times.

How do you know if it's time to repaint the walls, though? We're here to help you answer that question. Our guide explores all the different reasons why it might be time to repaint your home's interior walls.

Continue reading below to discover all the answers you've been looking for!

1. The Paint's Faded

No matter what type of paint you use on your walls, it'll fade over time. A high-quality paint will last a bit longer, but will still begin to show signs of fading overdue time. Walls exposed to sunlight more than other walls will fade faster, and dark colors will also fade quicker than lighter shades.

Not sure if your paint has begun fading? A great way to tell is by lifting a picture frame off of the wall and comparing the paint under it to the paint beside it. Can you see a difference?

The picture frame protects the paint from sunlight and will keep the paint under it from fading as quickly, so it'll be darker and brighter under the picture. If this is true for you, then it might be time to repaint.

2. The Paint's Begun to Crack or Peel

Once the paint begins to crack, peel, or flake off of the wall, it's a sign that it's time to repaint. Cracking or peeling paint can be due to a number of reasons. Age is one of the more common reasons, as the paint will begin to wear out over time.

Extreme cold or heat can also cause damage to the paint and force it to eventually crack. If the paint was painted onto the wall without proper wall prep, then it may begin to crack or peel quicker than you would expect it to.

Upon the first sign of cracking or peeling paint, make sure to call professional painters in to correct the issue.

3. You're Ready to Change the Color

Nothing needs to be wrong with your home's interior paint in order for it to be time to repaint it. Sometimes, you're simply ready for a color change! Are you tired of staring at white blank walls?

Is bright orange no longer your color? Are you ready for a complete home makeover? If so, then it's time to switch out your current paint color for something you'll love even more.

Keep in mind that different paint colors can have different effects on your mood. Be sure to do your research and know what moods the paint color will bring out to select the right room for it.

For example, some colors will relax you while others will energize you.

4. The Walls Are Damaged

If there are any damages to your walls, you'll want to make the repairs and then repaint them. Any holes or cracks in the actual wall should be repaired first. Scuff marks or chips in the paint won't need to be repaired.

You can simply have the walls repainted to fix these issues. A house with damages like these to its walls will look much older than it is and run down. Damaged paint can significantly drop the overall aesthetics of your home.

Thankfully, it's an easy fix!

5. You're Selling the House

When it comes time to sell your house, you'll want to repaint it. Although the paint in your home might be fairly new or fresh even, you'll need to repaint before listing your home or having buyers come to look at it.

When buyers are on the hunt for a new home, they'll want to be presented with a blank canvas. This is why you'll want to repaint the walls white. All-white walls allow the buyers to imagine their own furniture or designs in the home.

For example, if you leave the walls bright orange, you may enjoy looking at it, but a potential buyer might dislike the color orange and be turned off from buying your home due to this one small detail. A good rule of thumb is to remove all personal items and paint all the walls white before selling.

6. There Are Stains

Stains on your walls could be a significant sign it's time to repaint. Water stains leave a ring of red, pink, orange, or even brown on your walls. If you notice these signs, the first thing you want to do is fix the problem.

Discover where the leak is coming from and correct the issue. The last thing you want is to repaint the walls and then be faced with another leak. Once you're sure the leak is fixed properly, you can then repaint your walls.

Water stains or mold and mildew stains won't wash off easily, if at all. Instead, you'll need to repaint your walls properly. This will remove the stains and freshen up the room.

7. You Don't Remember When It Was Painted Last

Your home's interior walls should be repainted every few years. This is the best way to ensure the paint stays bright, fresh, and undamaged. Do you remember the last time you painted the walls?

If you can't remember, then it's most likely time to do so. Even the best of paints will fade over time, so it's important to add repainting to your routine maintenance checklist.

Is It Time to Repaint Interior Walls in Your Home?

Do you believe it might be time to repaint interior walls in your home? After reading through this guide, you should have a better idea of whether or not your walls need repainting.

If yes, then it's time to contact the professionals!

Request a free quote today and get the process started.

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