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House Painter Baker Park MD

History of Baker Park MD - Resource Guide

Baker Park History

Painters of Frederick, a house painter in Baker Park MD, presents this guide to act as a resource for the Baker Park area. Baker Park is located in the center of Downtown Frederick. Baker Park is has over 58 acres of jogging space that also includes bike paths. It was established a little over 75 years ago, and it serves as a popular location for tourists, families, and businesses to host events. 

Baker park has vast areas of lush green space which make for excellent views and walks along Culler Lake and Carroll Creak. Baker Park frequently hosts festivals, parties, and music concerts, which makes it an ideal reason to live there.

One of the oldest areas of the park is by North Bentz Street. This area in the past was primarily used for industry work and is where the Old Town Mill was built. Jacob Bentz built the old town mill, and it remained in the area for several centuries prior to the population expanding from around the core area. 

Small businesses love Baker Park due to the support of the local government for the area, as well as the large amount of foot traffic that passes through on a daily basis. 


Baker Park's History and Buildings

Joseph Dill Baker

Due to the immense history of Baker Park, there are many historical structures that reflect he passage of time over the centuries. The Mountain City Creamery used to be in this area, but was later torn down in order to create the Frederick City Armory, and that structure still remains standing today. There are also indications of the Old Town Mill still being in the area, and photos are posted in the park for tourists to view.

Founding of Baker Park

Joseph Dill Baker and his wife were great conservationists, and when Frederick began purchasing additional land around the city, Mr. Baker decided to pitch in and purchase a plot of land solely for nature. Once the purchase was completed, he donated it to the city, and Baker Park was established.

Joseph Baker made his wealth through his business ventures. Born in Buckeystown, he relocated later in life to Frederick to subsequently enter business in tanning. Later on in life, he worked at the Citizens National Bank as president. Due to his prominent status in Frederick, he had the park named after him, and was later named "Frederick's First Citizen."

Baker Memorial Tower

The iconic Baker Memorial Tower, which was constructed in 1941, still stands tall today. It currently is over 70 feet high with a 16 foot square base. The tower is made up of granite that was obtained from Baltimore County. The size of the tower means it needs to have a solid base, and as a result, it extends over 12 feet underground. 

Kris Kringle Procession

No matter what season of the year, there is always something to do at Baker Park. With fall and winter approaching, the Frederick community will host the Kris Kringle Procession, which is done annually. The parade will go through Downtown Frederick, and ends in Baker park once the city tree has been lit. 

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