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House Painter Downtown Frederick.jpg

Best Events & Places In Downtown Frederick Maryland

House Painter Downtown Frederick.jpg

Community Bridge

Downtown Frederick Maryland is an excellent place to reside and an even better place to hang out. If you live here or happen to visit this land of history and culture, make the most out of your trip by visiting the following extraordinary places pulled together by the best House Painters in Downtown Frederick MD.

Do you know what's special about this bridge? It was painted by the renowned artist William Cochran along with a team of some local artists. There is a key sign with some murals painted on the bridge immediately next to the Delaplaine Art Centre. Surprisingly, these images were sent by the residents who used to live there, and those that still reside within the same place. These paintings are the reflections of how living within Downtown Frederick feels like.

In addition to these, many other murals were also painted as per the directions of William Cochran. The series of these paintings is called ‘The Angels in the Architecture’. It is because of these pieces of art that Downtown Frederick is named as one of the ‘Prettiest Painted Places’ of America. 

The Historic Carriage Ride

Having a helicopter view of the Downtown Frederick vicinity is super-exciting. The historic carriage ride around the Downtown Frederick is an open-air horse-driven ride that is seen around during winters. Mostly, the first Saturday of most of the months during the year, this trolley can be seen moving around the town – the view is scenic. 

Art Galleries

The Downtown Frederick District is one of the best when it comes to art galleries. This district has several art-of-the-state eclectic galleries that will leave you awe-inspired. No wonder Frederick is known as the artist enclave.

The Frederick Art Galleries during the first week of June, draw the attention of more than 100 craftsmen and artists from all around the town. The entire June goes out with colors all around the district – arts in the air and air painters wandering across the city.

The Barnstorming Tour

You never want to miss this tour that is exceptionally held in the month of June. This great tour in the Downtown Frederick MD is regulated by the Frederick County Landmarks Foundation. At each barn, docents provide historical details, and the artists paint different scenes. These artworks by the talented artists of Frederick can be purchased later.

House Painter Downtown Frederick.jpg
Downtown Frederick House Painter.jpg

National Museum Of Civil War Medicine

The national museum of civil war medicine is a must-to-visit place. Situated in the Downtown Frederick MD, this historical museum has five galleries to stroll around. Also, these are more than 1200 artefacts within it that demonstrate the medical history of the Civil War. This museum is devoted to the great military and the civil war and thus, primarily focuses on helping the visitors learn about the technology and history of medical war. To add in a little entertainment, it also contains a research facility within it along with a gift shop.

Spa & Salons

When you are finally tired of shopping and picnicking around, get yourself into a spa shop to pamper yourself till all your tiredness fades away – the best activity to do around Downtown Frederick MD. There are numerous places around Downtown Frederick where you can spend a whole day relaxing and caring for your good self. Some of these are:

•    Verbena Day Spa
•    Studio She
•    Six East Hair Salon & Spa
•    Natural Fusion Hair Studio
•    Daisy’s Salon and Body Boutique

Don't worry, whether men-designated or women-designated - Downtown Frederick is never short of places. There are several old barbershops around that offer contemporary haircuts to treat yourself on.

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