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Activities To Do In Downtown Frederick Maryland

House Painter Downtown Frederick.jpg

Shopping in Downtown Frederick

There is so much that you can do within the Downtown Frederick area. You can admire the historic buildings, construction and museums around. You can walk around the town or ride your way down on a bicycle. And so much more!

Below is a guide by the House Painters in Downtown Frederick MD, to help you unleash all the fun activities within this town that you didn’t know earlier.

You could wander around Downtown Frederick for weeks and not get bored of shopping. It has over 80 gift, clothing, toy and other shops. Tea Shops, furniture stores, florists, bookshops and traditional food can be found everywhere around.
In addition to these, there are more than 200 vintage stores, comic bookstores, and many world-class antique stores. These shops are located at a walking distance from each other. Some of the classic shops and malls around Downtown include:

•    Carroll Creek Classics
•    Emporium Antiques
•    Tuscany Designs
•    Vintage Revival
•    Great Stuff by Paul

So, get ready to shop around this town till you literally drop.

Dine Out in Downtown Frederick

Attend The Downtown-Exclusive Events

If you are out on vacation with your family, you can definitely count on Downtown Frederick MD for it has got a complete range of family-oriented events taking place throughout the year.
Here are a few.
•    The Restaurant Week in which several restaurants participate and offer their cuisines for a fixed-price to inspire people into trying something different from the ordinary.
•    The Bell and History Day Tours – many museums, historical sites and restaurants participate in the event and offer free admissions. Special events are conducted followed by music, tour, history programs and diverse activities.

Set Out For A Self-Guided Tour

The land of Downtown Frederick offers an excellent site for tourists who love to travel and discover. Set out for a walking tour across the town and be your guide, or you can club with any tour agency to know more about the worth-visiting sites within Downtown Frederick. You can enjoy ghost tour, historic walking tours and many other group tours.

House Painter Downtown Frederick.jpg
Downtown Frederick House Painter.jpg

Visit The Weinberg Center Of Arts

Downtown Frederick never falls short of entertainment spots for the whole family. The Weinberg Center of Arts in the heart of Downtown Frederick is a sight to behold. This restored movie theatre from 1926 is a fantastic movie palace that stages a wide variety of theatrical performances and other local concerts. There you can watch old-time movies, special performances and plays. This movie palace is large enough to accommodate more than 1500 people at the same time.
If you plan to get married in this beautiful town, you can also rent the Weinberg Center to serve as your wedding venue. It is usually rented out for film festivals, weddings, conventions, business meetings, and many other ceremonies. 

Enjoy A Bike Ride:

This town enjoys a 10-mile long loop spread across the Frederick City, known as the Frederick History Bicycle Loop. This track observes 22 stops, each of which has a historic site in place. Some of these must-visit historic sites include,
•    Hessian Barracks
•    Francis Scott Key
•    Schiffer Stadt Architectural Museum

The Civil War Medicine Museum located is an excellently crafted reflection of the great Civil War. It aims to connect the visitors with the history of medical technology, the military and the wounded. It has five galleries and 100s of art pieces displayed all around.
While you move around there, do not forget to visit the gift shop and research facility within it.

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