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7 Tips for Hiring Local House Painters in Frederick Maryland

Just moved into a new, but used home? Is your existing home in need of a touch-up? If so, a new paint job might help. If you're interested in receiving an estimate, feel free to Contact us now to set up an appointment, or give us a call at 240-638-1367.

However, painting an entire home is no easy task. While you could certainly attempt to do it on your own, you might find that it's more challenging than you realize. As such, you're advised to hire a local house painter. 

Wondering how to find the right one? Then read on. Here are 7 tips for hiring local house painters in Frederick, Maryland. 

1. Ask Around 

The first thing you should do when looking for a local house painter is to ask around. With any luck, someone in your family or friend group has used house painting services in the past. If that "someone" was satisfied with such services, his or her recommendation would be a solid one. 

Ask your brother, ask your sister, ask your mom, and your dad. Send out a mass text message to your friends asking if they have any recommendations. You might even consider consulting locals in a Facebook group. 

Though this isn't a surefire way of finding a reputable painter, it's usually fairly effective. As such, it's most certainly worth a try. 

2. Use Review Sites

There are all sorts of business review sites online, from Facebook to Twitter to Yelp and the like. Each of these has the potential to help you find a solid house painter, and so you should make use of them as much as you can. 

A good practice is to assess the star rating. If a painter's overall star rating exceeds 4, he or she is likely a good candidate. If a painter's rating is lower than 4, he or she probably has some issues that you need to be leary of. 

Read through individual customer reviews as a means of getting answers to questions. Also, keep an eye out for any potential red flags. Do this, and you should be able to find a painter worth your money. 

3. Inquire About Experience

Though it's not a certainty, experience generally indicates quality. A painter with 30 years of experience under his or her belt is bound to provide a greater level of service than a painter with 2 years of experience under his or her belt. 

As such, before hiring a painter, you're advised to inquire about his or her experience level. Not only should you ask about how many years he or she has been working, but you should also ask about the type of experience that he or she has.

For instance, does he or she have the same amount of experience painting the interiors of homes as he or she has painting the exteriors of homes? Just because a painter has spent 15 years painting the outsides of homes doesn't mean that he or she knows anything about painting insides of homes.

These are important distinctions that you must clear up before putting any money down. 

4. Check for Insurance

Another thing you're going to want to check for is insurance. If you hire an uninsured house painter, you could end up being held liable for damages that he or she does to your home. At the same time, you could also be held liable for injuries that his or her workers suffer while working on your property. 

You don't want to have to pay for either of these things. And you certainly don't want to be brought to court. As such, it's vitally important that you see legitimate proof of insurance. 

Not only should your prospective painter show you some proof of general liability insurance, but he or she should also show you some proof of workers' compensation insurance.

The former protects your property while the latter protects you from having to pay medical expenses. 

5. Ask About Working Practices

All painters work a little differently. Though there's not necessarily any "wrong" way to work, you are allowed to have preferences on the styles of work that you'll accept. As such, before making a hire, make sure to ask your prospective painters about how they'll facilitate the project. 

While doing this, also be sure to ask about the time that it will require. You don't want your home to be restricted for the foreseeable future, after all. 

6. Prepare for Cost (Mentally)

How much does house painting cost? It's not uncommon for those who need house painting services done to experience sticker shock when presented with the price. When surprised by costs, a knee jerk reaction may be to start reviewing other options in your local area - in this case, Frederick, Maryland.

However, if you've done proper research following the above steps, you should feel confident in your decision with the painting company you're speaking with. While it may be tempting to call every painter in Frederick until you've found the lowest cost possible, keep in mind that lower costs can equate to lower quality. 

When trusting a house painter with your home, you don't want them cutting corners to reduce costs, as it may lead to unnecessary frustrations down the line with the quality of work.

7. Get an Estimate

You should never, under any circumstances, hire a painter without having first received an estimate for the work that you need to be completed. Doing so leaves you vulnerable to shockingly costly bills, ones that can impair your spending for the foreseeable future. 

Sure, generally speaking, house painters charge similar rates. But you don't want to bet your finances on it. Get an estimate and know exactly what you're getting into. 

Any reputable painter will provide you with a detailed estimate without resistance. If you're getting resistance, you should look elsewhere. 

Looking for a Local House Painter in Frederick?

If you're in the Frederick, Maryland area, and if you're looking for a local house painter, you're in the right place. Painters of Frederick has you covered. 

We offer a wide variety of house painting services, from exterior painting to interior painting and everything in between. Regardless of your needs, our team can accommodate you. 

Contact us now to schedule an appointment, or give us a call at 240-638-1367.

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