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How to Find a House Painting Company in Frederick Maryland

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Real estate agents often point out the myriad of benefits to painting the interior or exterior of your home. A new coat of paint on the inside can brighten a room and make it feel modern and trendy. A new coat of paint on the outside can boost curb appeal.

In Frederick, MD's competitive housing market, where sales have increased over 23% this year, these benefits are nothing to sneeze at!

If you're ready to up your property value by painting your home, going DIY may not be your best option. You're going to need to find a house painting company. Need a house painter now? You can Contact us today online, or give us a call at 240-638-1367.

What qualities should you look for in a house painting company in Frederick, MD? Read on to find out so that you can make an informed decision for your next big project!

Consider the Services You Need

What is it that you want to have done to your property? If you're only looking for interior painting or exterior painting, then your search isn't quite as complicated. However, if you're hoping to freshen up indoors and out, it's important that you look for one company that offers both services.

Ultimately, you don't want to pay more than one company for a job that should be taken care of by the same team. In the long run, it's going to be more expensive to hire one company to tackle the inside and another to tackle the outside.

Plus, working with the same company for both jobs gives you the chance to build a relationship of trust and comfort. You can spend more time going into depth about your personal vision, rather than having to explain your basic hopes for these projects two separate times. 

Look for White Glove Service

A lot more goes into the painting process than just opening a can of paint and rolling it over the walls. If that was all there was to it, you'd be better off taking care of all of your painting projects on your own! 

To avoid unnecessary mess, your furniture needs covering. To end up with a smooth, professional-looking surface, you may need old or weak areas of drywall patched up. Once all of that is over, wouldn't it be nice if the company took care of all that mess and put everything back where it belongs?

This is called the white glove service and not all companies offer that. White glove service guarantees that your house painting company is involved in every step from the preparation process to the final cleanup. Make sure you find house painters that do this or you may be performing some DIY work you were trying to avoid!

Avoid Hidden Fees

Over 85% of Americans have encountered the curse of the hidden fee in the past few years. You'll encounter hidden fees from credit card companies, internet providers, and utility bills. You can even encounter it from your house painting company.

How does this work? A house painting company might tell you they're charging X amount to paint your living room, kitchen, and bathrooms. What they don't mention is that they're also charging Y amount for the supplies and an additional Z amount for each hour of labor needed to finish the job.

An honest, quality house painting company won't hide anything from you when they present their estimate. They'll provide a detailed proposal that provides a transparent rundown of every detail of your bill before they ask you to sign any contracts, such as painters newcastle.

While we're on the subject, if a house painting company won't provide a free estimate, then they're probably not the best company you can find. No one should pressure you into making a deal or forking over cash before you know how much they're going to charge for the job. 

Think About Paint Brands

Have you used a brand in the past that you love? Have you started researching different paint companies and found yourself with a strong preference for one, in particular?

A good house painting company should be able to do two things.

The first is that they should know all there is to know about quality paint brands. If you leave the choice up to them, you need assurance that they're making the right choice for your walls and for the climate that you live in.

The second is that they should offer to use any brand of your choice, even if it's not the one they tend to gravitate toward. It's your home and you're the one living with these newly painted walls and exteriors. You deserve to get the paint that you have your heart set on!

Factor in Convenience

Imagine that you call a Frederick painting company and they tell you that their only open availability in the near future is at 6 am on a Saturday morning. Alternatively, imagine that their schedule is wide open but you have to navigate an overly complicated online system to book an appointment. 

Now imagine that all you have to do is call and request your free estimate and from there, the company works with you to schedule an appointment that fits your availability. That's the kind of convenience that you should look for in a house painting company.

What's the Best House Painting Company Near Me?

Now that we've gone over the many considerations to make when you're in search of a house painting company near your Frederick, MD home, it's time to answer your real question. Which Frederick house painting company is best?

Painters of Frederick checks every box on the list. We're dedicated to every one of our projects because we know that our business is only as strong as your satisfaction. Plus, we've been doing this for a long time!

To begin, let's take care of that free estimate. Contact us online or give us a call at 240-638-1367 and let us know what you had in mind for your next big project. We can't wait to help!

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