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How to Prepare for Commercial Painting Services: The Ultimate Checklist

Are you planning to paint your office in Frederick, Maryland? Nothing can impress your clients more than a pristine office.

And the first thing on your list for a pristine office should be professional painting. But before the commercial painters arrive, make sure your office is ready for them. Need commercial painting now? Contact us today or give us a call at 240-638-1367 to receive your free estimate.

In this guide, you'll discover the ultimate checklist to prepare for commercial painting services. Check each item off your list to guarantee to ensure your office painting project looks spectacular.

Pick Your Color Palette

Before your commercial painter meets with you, know what colors you want the rooms painted. You can view colors online and download a photo of your spaces to see how each room would look in that shade.

Your painter may work with a specific brand. But they can easily match your preferred colors to the brand they use. If you're set on using a particular brand, discuss that with them in advance to see if they'll agree.

Also know what colors you want on the main walls, accent walls, and the trim. This may affect your commercial painting estimate. 

Perhaps you need help with choosing a color palette. Call an interior designer. Interior designers act as project managers. You can hire them to choose your colors and ensure all your prep work gets done.

Prepare The Walls in Your Office

Before your professional painting company arrives to paint, ensure your walls are ready for their team. Make sure they're free from dust, dirt, and cobwebs.

Don't wait until the last minute to have them cleaned. They need to be dry for the painting to begin.

If you don't clean the walls in advance, your painting job will take longer and may increase your cost.

Remove Picture Frames and Artwork From the Walls

Most office walls are filled with wall art and picture frames. These may include university diplomas, photos, posters, drawings and paintings, and company award plaques. 

Take them down before commercial painters arrive. You wouldn't want them to get broken or get paint on them by mistake. Make sure to tuck them away in a safe place such as a drawer or a closet you can access later.

Place Table and Desk Decor Out of the Way

Do you have statues around the room? Or delicate figurines? You'll want to get them out of the way for painting.

Remove items from your desk like family photos, plants, and desk decor. The last thing you want is to have them covered with paint. Put your decor in a designated area that's easy to access. Perhaps with your picture frames and wall art, so they're all in the same place.

Remove Area Rugs, Window Treatments, and Furniture 

Do you have blinds or curtains on your office windows? Make sure to take them down before the painting begins. This will help the painters do a more professional job, especially on the trim around the windows.

Area rugs can be a hazard. You wouldn't want one of the painters to slip and fall on a rug. They could get hurt, or spill paint on your beautiful, brand new rug.

Roll your office chairs and filing cabinets out of the room. Paint doesn't look appealing on office furniture if the paint spills.

Relocate your desk to another space. However, if that's not possible, the painters can cover your desk with plastic or drop cloth.

Vacuum and Mop Your Office

Another way to get ready for commercial painting services is to clean the floor. If you have a carpet, make sure to give the floor a good vacuuming. If you have a hardwood or laminate floor, sweep it well and mop it. 

Cleaning your floor will get items out of the way that may have fallen on the floor such as a stapler, staples, paper clips, and other items that could get in the way. Also, make sure to unplug your computers and lift the cords off the floor.

Another reason why it's important to clean the floor as well as the tables: you wouldn't want painters to release dust while they're moving around the room applying fresh paint. If the dust or dirt gets stuck on the new paint and it dries, it doesn't look too attractive.

Do Repairs in Advance

Does anything in your building need to be fixed or repaired such as a leaky pipe? The last thing you want is water damage when you're applying fresh paint. 

If any of the wood in your office is rotted, be sure to replace it before your commercial painting contractor paints over it.

Make sure to replaster any areas of the wall that are damaged. While the painter may fill in nail holes with spackle, it's the owner's responsibility to patch up any larger holes and cracks. Also, check for mold in bathrooms and high humidity areas.

Give Employees and Tenants A Heads Up 

It's important to inform your employees of the days you're planning to paint. You don't want them to get in the way of the painters while they're working. 

Give them the day off or schedule the painting for the weekend. This will also avoid them inhaling in paint fumes which can lead to minor health issues.

If you own a commercial building and rent space to tenants, inform tenants in advance you'll be painting the building so they can make arrangements to revise their schedules.

The Ultimate Checklist Remix: How to Prepare For Commercial Painting Services that Shine

Follow this list and check it twice when you’re hiring commercial painting services for your office. You’ll be glad you did when your clients compliment you on your building’s stylish appearance.

Looking for a commercial painting expert in Frederick to freshen up your office space? Contact us today or give us a call at 240-638-1367 to make your office look brand new.

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